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Legion De Superheroes 2 Temporada Mp4 Espaol Latino Descarga

the legion of superheroes is an american comic book series published by dc comics, containing the adventures of a team of extraordinary individuals called the legion of super-heroes. the legion is a team of young people who, in their own words, are "gifted by the gods, trained by the finest minds on earth, [and] equipped with power armor, weapons, and a headquarters to defend the universe." the team is a collection of well-meaning, undisciplined and unpredictable young adults who just happen to be the universe's only hope.

Legion De Superheroes 2 Temporada Mp4 Espaol Latino Descarga

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legion of superheroes: volume 2 (dvd)kids wb! brings you a new series inspired by the dc comics legend superman. in legion of super heroes, a team of superheroes from the 31st century heads back in time to enlist superman's help in battling their nemeses, the fatal five. but when they arrive in the man of steel's hometown, smallville, they discover that they've miscalculated a bit. instead of a powerful, confident superman, they find the introverted, insecure young adult clark kent, whose abilities need fine-tuning and who knows nothing of the legend that comic book history says he'll takes some effort, but brainiac 5, bouncing boy, and saturn girl convince clark that he's special and may be able to help them. although he sincerely doubts that he's the superman they keep talking about, his curiosity is piqued enough that he goes back to the future with them. the legion itself is a group of well-meaning, undisciplined and unpredictable, super powered young adults who just happen to be the universes only hope.

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