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Nickelback - Photograph [OFFICIAL VIDEO] BETTER

Kroeger said the photograph he holds up in the music video of himself and his friend Joey Moi with a champagne chiller on Joey's head is the same one he referred to in the lyrics. He also admitted he had broken into his high school to steal money from the office safe eleven times, but "half a dozen" flowed better for the lyrics.[1]

Nickelback - Photograph [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

The music video begins with Chad Kroeger, the video's protagonist, walking along a lonely, sparsely populated street, holding up a photograph of himself and Nickelback's producer, Joey Moi (who is referred to in the line "And what the hell is on Joey's head?"). As the song progresses to the line "And this is where I grew up," he walks to a rusty mailbox, addressed as number 29025. As he speaks of sneaking out, the camera does not show the house itself but does show a view from the inside looking out at him, possibly suggesting someone else lives there now. He continues walking and comes to an older building marked as "Hanna High School" on the front (it's now the Community Services Building: 210 6 Avenue East, Hanna, Alberta, Canada) announcing, "And this is where I went to school." He and his three other band members enter the gym with their gear and put on a seemingly impromptu concert alone. During the chorus, two band members go to an old junkyard and reminisce about a field where the rest of the band and their girlfriends are partying. Another experiences a similar event near an abandoned train yard, seeing his old girlfriend (most likely Kim, who was "the first girl I kissed") run near the tracks and kiss his younger self. The Hanna Roundhouse is shown. The camera then switches to flashbacks of various people ("I miss that town, I miss the faces") As the video ends, the flashback people get in their cars to go home as the band finishes the song.

One particular shot from the video, with Kroeger holding up a picture frame at the lyric "Look at this photograph", became an Internet meme, with users replacing the contents of the frame with other pictures. At the time of the song's release, the meme has been part of the general negative attitudes towards the band, and as attitudes towards the band shifted towards more favorable appreciation, the meme was still used for humorous purposes.[5][6]

"The photograph I'm holding in the video is the photograph," he says. "I just didn't know where I was going with it, just spitting stuff out. Next thing I know, there was a line, 'What the hell is on Joey's head?'"

"Photograph" is a 2005 alternative rock song by the Canadian rock band Nickelback.[1] On YouTube and elsewhere online, the music video has been widely parodied through series of photoshopped parodies and video remixes featuring the band's lead singer Chad Kroeger holding a framed photograph.

On September 20th, 2005, "Photograph" was released as the first single for Nickelback's fifth studio album All the Right Reasons. That year, a music video for the song was released, which begins with Chad Kroeger walking alone on a street while holding up a framed picture of himself and Nickelback's producer Joey Moi as the lyric "Look at this photograph" is heard in the background (shown below).

On December 9th, 2008, YouTuber bloomingtonbros uploaded a parody of the song, in which he holds up several photographs of his home town and high school (shown below). In the first seven years, the video gained over 1.1 million views and 1,700 comments.

On July 6th, YouTuber Old Man Jenkins uploaded a Source Filmmaker video featuring the fishstik parody song (shown below, left). On November 3rd, YouTuber SebsterBL uploaded an edited clip of the Nickelback video with a picture of the naked banana in the photograph frame (shown below, right).

The "Photograph" parody video is part of Google's latest campaign that is encouraging users to use Google Photos to look at past photos. The tech giant seemingly realized that "Photograph" was the perfect song to convey the campaign's message - "look at your photographs."

The video zooms in on the frame, which contains a 2014 photograph of Biden and his son Hunter holding golf clubs alongside(Opens in a new tab) a "Ukraine gas exec" named Devon Archer, who reportedly served with Hunter on the Ukrainian gas company board.

The video then cut to the Nickelback video, wherein band frontman sings the lyrics \"look at this photograph\" and holds up a picture. The video Trump tweeted superimposed on that picture a photo from 2014 of Joe and Hunter Biden on a golf course with Hunter Biden's business associate.

The video Trump tweeted follows a popular meme format. The meme revolves around people replacing Kroeger's photograph with a photo or video of their choosing inside the frame. It is not the meme, but the music, that appears to have violated Twitter's copyright policy. 041b061a72

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