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Zindagi Jalebi Movie Full Hd 1080p Download

Zindagi Jalebi: A Comedy of Errors

Zindagi Jalebi is a 2013 Bollywood comedy film directed by Karan Kashyap and starring Avinash Bhargava, Leena, Samarth Chaturvedi, Suresh Dubey and Urvashi Solanki. The film is based on the idea that idle minds are the devil's workshop and that every human has an innate desire to do a heroic deed and be remembered for it. The film follows the lives of various characters who get into a mess due to their own actions or circumstances and how they come out of it.

The film was released on 6 September 2013 and received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Some praised the film for its humor and satire, while others criticized it for its lack of originality and coherence. The film also had a low box office performance, earning only Rs. 2.5 lakhs in its opening weekend. The film is available for streaming on Eros Now.

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The film revolves around four main characters: Pritam, Pyari, Rakku Bhaiyya and Inspector Dubey. Pritam is a young man who wants to become a famous writer but has no talent or inspiration. He decides to write a novel based on the life of Rakku Bhaiyya, a local goon who is notorious for his crimes and exploits. Pritam follows Rakku Bhaiyya around and secretly notes down his activities. However, he soon realizes that Rakku Bhaiyya is not as bad as he seems and has a soft spot for his girlfriend Pyari, who is also Pritam's childhood friend. Pritam falls in love with Pyari and tries to win her over by pretending to be a hero.

Pyari is a sweet and innocent girl who works as a maid in a rich household. She loves Rakku Bhaiyya but is unaware of his criminal background. She dreams of marrying him and living a happy life. She also likes Pritam as a friend and appreciates his kindness and honesty. She gets confused when Pritam starts acting like a hero and saving her from various troubles.

Rakku Bhaiyya is a feared gangster who rules the streets with his henchmen. He is involved in various illegal activities such as extortion, kidnapping, robbery and murder. He is also loyal to his boss, Chhota Don, who gives him orders and assignments. He loves Pyari dearly and wants to marry her but is afraid of losing her if she finds out his truth. He also hates Pritam for interfering in his life and trying to woo Pyari.

Inspector Dubey is a corrupt and incompetent police officer who is always after Rakku Bhaiyya and his gang. He wants to arrest them and get a promotion. He also has a crush on Pyari and tries to impress her by showing off his authority and power. He often gets into trouble due to his foolishness and clumsiness.

The film shows how these four characters get entangled in a series of hilarious situations due to their own actions or circumstances. The film also has several subplots involving other characters such as Gunjan Bai, an item girl who performs at Rakku Bhaiyya's parties; Chhota Don, the boss of the underworld who has a secret identity; Babuji, Pyari's employer who has a fetish for maids; Chintu, Babuji's son who is obsessed with video games; Munna, Pritam's friend who helps him in his writing; and many more.


  • Avinash Bhargava as Pritam

  • Leena as Pyari

  • Samarth Chaturvedi as Rakku Bhaiyya

  • Suresh Dubey as Inspector Dubey

  • Urvashi Solanki as Gunjan Bai (Item Number/Dance)

  • Mukesh Choudhary as Chhota Don

  • Muntazir Ahmad as Babuji

  • Chetan Sharma as Chintu

  • Rajesh Khattar as Munna

  • and others


The film has four songs composed by Praveen More and Bipulendra Mrinaal. The lyrics are written by Karan Kashyap and Praveen More. The songs are as follows:

  • Zindagi Jalebi - Sung by Kunal Ganjawala and Shreya Ghoshal

  • Pyari Pyari - Sung by Shaan and Sunidhi Chauhan

  • Rakku Bhaiyya - Sung by Mika Singh and Mamta Sharma

  • Gunjan Bai - Sung by Urvashi Solanki


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