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Cantidad De Calidad. Horacio Ans

Cantidad De Calidad: The Philosophy and Practice of Horacio Ans

Horacio Ans is a musician who believes in quality over quantity. He coined the term "Cantidad De Calidad" (Quality of Quantity) to describe his approach to music production and performance. In this article, we will explore what this philosophy means and how it has influenced his musical career.

What is Cantidad De Calidad?

Cantidad De Calidad is a concept that Horacio Ans developed based on his own experience and observation of the music industry. He noticed that many artists and producers tend to focus on releasing a large number of songs or albums, without paying much attention to the quality, originality, or creativity of their work. He also observed that many listeners and fans tend to consume music in a superficial and passive way, without appreciating the artistic value or the message behind the songs.


Horacio Ans decided to challenge this trend by adopting a different mindset and attitude towards music. He decided to focus on creating fewer but better songs, with more depth, meaning, and innovation. He also decided to perform less frequently but more intensely, with more passion, energy, and connection with the audience. He called this approach Cantidad De Calidad, which means Quality of Quantity.

How does Cantidad De Calidad work?

Cantidad De Calidad works by applying a set of principles and practices that Horacio Ans follows in his musical career. These are:

  • Quality over quantity: Horacio Ans prioritizes the quality of his music over the quantity. He does not release songs or albums just for the sake of filling up his discography or satisfying the market demand. He only releases songs or albums that he is proud of and that he feels represent his artistic vision and expression.

  • Creativity over conformity: Horacio Ans does not follow the trends or the expectations of the mainstream music industry. He does not try to imitate or copy other artists or genres. He creates his own style and sound, based on his influences, inspirations, and experiments. He is not afraid to try new things or to break the rules.

  • Meaning over popularity: Horacio Ans does not make music for fame or money. He makes music for himself and for his fans who appreciate his work. He does not compromise his artistic integrity or his message for commercial success or mass appeal. He sings about what he cares about and what he wants to communicate to the world.

  • Passion over routine: Horacio Ans does not perform music as a job or a duty. He performs music as a passion and a joy. He does not play the same songs or the same shows over and over again. He always tries to make each performance unique and memorable, by improvising, interacting with the audience, and expressing his emotions.

What are the benefits of Cantidad De Calidad?

Cantidad De Calidad has many benefits for Horacio Ans as a musician and for his fans as listeners. Some of these benefits are:

  • Better music: By focusing on quality over quantity, Horacio Ans produces music that is more original, creative, meaningful, and enjoyable. His music stands out from the crowd and attracts loyal fans who appreciate his artistry and talent.

  • Better performance: By focusing on passion over routine, Horacio Ans delivers performance that are more energetic, engaging, and emotional. His performance captivate the audience and create a strong bond between him and his fans.

  • Better satisfaction: By focusing on meaning over popularity, Horacio Ans achieves satisfaction that is more personal, authentic, and lasting. He does not depend on external validation or recognition for his happiness. He is happy with himself and with his music.


Cantidad De Calidad is a philosophy and practice that Horacio Ans follows in his musical career. It is based on the idea of quality over quantity, creativity over conformity, meaning over popularity, and passion over routine. It has helped him create better music, deliver better performance, and achieve better satisfaction. It has also helped him gain a loyal fan base who appreciate his work and support him.

If you want to learn more about Horacio Ans and his music, you can visit his website [here] or listen to his songs on SoundCloud [here] or [here].

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