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TV presenter and blogger & nbsp; Ksenia Sobchak & nbsp; on Youtube released the film How info-gypsies sell air: we analyze sales schemes and their rates ''. In it, she exposes and criticizes the info-gypsy '', telling how people with low incomes spend their last money on marathons of stars and bloggers.


The TV presenter called popular stars and bloggers who sell self-development and earnings marathons of no practical value as info-gypsies. According to Sobchak, authors of useless courses and marathons usually promote their activities on social networks, in particular, on Instagram.

Info-Gypsies usually advertise their products on the internet. Using loud phrases, they promise to quickly and easily earn more money, be loved, lose weight, get prettier, improve & nbsp; health, etc. But not for free, but for money. & Nbsp; The danger of these entrepreneurs is that they make customers & nbsp; waste time and money. Moreover, posing as experts, info-gypsies can give out information that does not correspond to reality to the audience. 041b061a72

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