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Pizza Tower Free Download |VERIFIED|

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Pizza Tower Free Download


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this game is good but i hope when Demo 2 gets released the controles are less stiff but thats just a nitpuck overal the game is sweet and left a Sugary taste in my mouth its just candy and overall its realy good a 11/10 game when it realeses hope the game gets as good if not better then pizza tower

I have to say this game has so so so much potential but is lacking in three very important things (i understand this is a demo this is meant to be constructive critizism) First the whole ground feels too slippery like sometimes i press the jump button but it just doesn't do anything and i fell of the ledge i was trying to jump off. Second i felt like some of the transformations were kind of counter intuitive. I great example of one is the cotton candy one. Like the idea was great but it was just so dang slow in a game all around fast paced movement. And finally the most important thing that i can tell you to add i some more sound effects and more noticable sprites. On the first level half the time i didn't even recognize that i was slipping on the green slime and a quarter of the time i didn't even see it all because there were no sound effects for bouncing around or slipping and the sprite was so unnoticable that a couldn't see it. And when killing the giant gummy bear (which i have to say i love that idea) It didn't really feel like it was meaningful. Take breaking john pillar for example theres a large slam and the upbeat music starts instantly with a flashing sign that tells you to get the hell out of there. While in this game you break it the music starts slow... and thats it. I do understand that this is not meant to be a carbon copy of pizza tower but if you are trying to make a fangame then at least take some inspiration of what made the original game as good as it was. of course the artstyle and music are great but my favorite part was the responsive controls and the fluid movement making me feel like i was a god at the game when in reality thats how i was supposed to play it. This game has some great potential and if you just work on some of the things mentioned in this review i think this may even be as good as pizza tower.

I'll be honest for a demo it is really good. It managed to incorporate all the elements it needed from pizza tower while also bringing back a beta element in the form of the heat meter. If there was one pizza tower fangame to keep a look out for if it gets a full release this is the game for you.

this was incredible ever since I got done with pizza tower I've been craving another game with it's fast pace style! and this satisfied that craving! the art is wonderful and the gameplay is so fun! and the soundtrack is just banging! can't wait to see how this turns out because I just know it's gonna be fantastic!

Free download Pizza Tower Game (HACK + MOD) ye Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 1. Yakaburitswa . By SN.VNMOD.NET. Nakidzwa neiyi inoshamisa pizza mutambo mune yako mobile. Developed by MohawirAbu. Operating system zvinodiwa 5.1. Everyone. 041b061a72

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