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Download Super Smash Flash 2 0.9 Full Version Now - Enjoy the Latest Features and Updates of the Fan-Made Smash Bros Game

super smash flash 2 is slated for a release in may 2014 on the nintendo eshop on the wii u. the wii u gamepad serves as the primary controller, and it is possible to play with a tv using either the tv's screen, or any other screen of a wii u, as long as the gamepad is connected to it (using an hdmi cable, if available). the gamepad serves as the menu and full screen, and the tv as the actual screen. players can also use a mouse, touch screen, or possibly the wii balance board. this version of the game is currently configured to only support a single wiimote, so only one player can play. there will be more announcements about this as the development process progresses. support for gamecube controllers has been added to the wii u version and it is available to be tested if a wiimote/gamecube controller is connected to the gamepad.

download super smash flash 2 0.9 full version

one main difference between super smash flash 2 and the previous one is that all characters are unlocked from the get-go. you just have to start the game and select a character. another point is that super smash flash 2 will let you customize your characters' gender, hair and face color. and, if you wish, you can change the stage setup. of course, the stage options aren't as extensive as in the super smash bros games. the developers might've been a bit rushed to get the program released before the smash bros games came out, and, of course, it's a tribute to the super smash bros series.

download super smash flash 2. this program features the original concept that the mcleodgaming super smash flash originated from. the plan was to show how good the game could be without any limitations. in super smash flash 2, the characters use 3 buttons (x, c, and m) to jump, dash, and attack. the original smash bros games use 4 buttons, but not that many people had the chance to experience that in real life, so we made it the way it is now.

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