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BACKGROUND: Several metals act as endocrine disruptors, but there are few large longitudinal studies about associations with puberty onset.OBJECTIVES: We evaluated whether early life cadmium, lead, and arsenic exposure was associated with timing of menarche. METHODS: In a mother-child cohort in rural Bangladesh (n = 935), the exposure was assessed by concentrations in maternal erythrocytes in early pregnancy and in girls' urine at 5 and 10 years of age using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. The girls were interviewed twice, at aver-age ages 13.3 [standard deviation eth SD THORN = 0.43] and 13.8 (SD = 0.43) y, and the date of menarche, if present, was recorded. Associations were assessed using Kaplan-Meier analysis and multivariable-adjusted Cox regression.RESULTS: In total, 77% of the girls (n = 717) had reached menarche by the second follow-up. The median age of menarche among all girls was 13.0 y (25th-75th percentiles: 12.4-13.7 y). At 10 years of age, median urinary cadmium was 0.25 mu g/L (5th-95th percentiles: 0.087-0.72 mu g/L), lead 1.6 mu g/L (0.70-4.2 mu g/L), and arsenic 54 mu g/L (19-395 mu g/L). Given the same age, girls in the highest quartile of urinary cadmium at 5 and 10 years of age had a lower rate of menarche than girls in the lowest quartile, with an adjusted hazard ratio of (HR) 0.80 (95% CI: 0.62, 1.01) at 5 years of age, and 0.77 (95% CI: 0.60, 0.98) at 10 years of age. This implies that girls in the highest cadmium exposure quartile during childhood had a higher age at menarche. Comparing girls in the highest to the lowest quartile of urinary lead at 10 years of age, the former had a higher rate of menarche [adjusted HR = 1.23 (95% CI: 0.97, 1.56)], implying lower age at menarche, whereas there was no association with urinary lead at 5 years of age. Girls born to mothers in the highest quartile of erythrocyte arsenic during pregnancy were less likely to have attained menarche than girls born to mothers in the low-est quartile [adjusted HR = 0.79 (95% CI: 0.62, 0.99)]. No association was found with girls' urinary arsenic exposure.DISCUSSION: Long-term childhood cadmium exposure was associated with later menarche, whereas the associations with child lead exposure were inconclusive. Maternal exposure to arsenic, but not cadmium or lead, was associated with later menarche.

Amount of material deposit certificate required for UK student visa******I saw his eyes full of anger, staring straight at Mr. Shen and Qi Xin.I saw it said:I saw Jiang Heling covering the back of his neck with both hands, curled up on the single bed with his head in his arms, the quilt on the bed was kicked to the ground by him, and the clothes on his body were also in a mess, revealing his slender waist and slender legs. A large swath of pink emerged.I saw Shang Baiyu this afternoon. Lu Xiao raised his eyes lightly, "He talked to me a little bit."I saw Shen Tang leaning against the table, seeing him come in, picked up the jug, quickly poured it on the table and the beams, and then waved the candlesticks off the table.I saw Shen Zhen stepping in quickly with her skirt in hand, and was swept in front of Shen Tang like a gust of wind, "Sister Tang, you come back from Hanshan Temple, and you are bored at home every day, go, go out with me for a stroll."I saw Tao Yao again on the night of Christmas. Tao Ji insisted on taking Li Chengsi to spend Christmas together, euphemistically saying that the two single dogs hugged each other to keep warm.I saw that cold face that was always indifferent and expressionless towards everyone now showed a touch of shyness, without the disgust, anger or humiliation that Xie Yunzhi imagined, it was so simple that anyone could see his thoughts.I saw that figure paused for a moment in the thick smoke, and then rushed straight towards her.I saw that he was wearing a double-breasted gown made of Tiancheng silk, and on the left and right hands were jade bracelets full of spring and a little green. Before entering the house, there are already five or six little girls rushing over to serve, the handrails of the handrails, and the spectators of the seats. 041b061a72

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