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RTI Upload-Zone: Universe 6 Vs Universe 7

In the midst of training, Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan to deflect a Ki Blast from Whis. As Beerus points out that Goku is rusty and Goku had not fought anyone strong in a while, this reminded Goku of something and he asks about Zeno's Universal Martial Arts Tournament. Beerus tries to convince Goku to forget about that idea and not get too involved with Zeno and Whis agrees. Goku reveals the button Zeno gave him as two sides: one that sends him to Zeno and the opposite that sends the Zeno to the exact area. Fearing for his universe and his life and trying to avoid Zeno from remembering it, Beerus attempts to destroy Goku, berating him for his "leniency" and Goku's naïve nature would get them in trouble. As he is about to destroy him for the consequences it will cause, Goku tricks the God of Destruction by throwing the button in the air to make Beerus look and then presses the button while the he is distracted, sending him to Zeno's palace and fooling Beerus, with Whis laughing and Beerus cursing at himself.

RTI Upload-Zone: Universe 6 vs Universe 7

Goku is greeted by the Grand Minister, who takes him to see Zeno. Goku asks Zeno about the tournament and the present Zeno remembers that he forgot. Future Zeno asks what a tournament is, and Zeno, having witnessed the Tournament of Destroyers, tells and describes to him that a tournament "is fun", much to his excitement. Grand Minister later states that once they figure out the tournament details, he will contact the Supreme Kais of each universe. Goku agrees and heads back, only to be gutted by Beerus for ignoring his warnings. Later, Whis takes the group to the Sacred World of the Kai, and the three head there and meet Supreme Kai, Kibito, and Old Kai, who ask them if there are no crises going on. The Grand Minister soon appears and announces the details of the tournament: on a specified date and time, 10 warriors from each universe will fight in the Tournament of Power.

The Grand Minister has arrived at the Sacred World of the Kai in Universe 7 in order to relay the details of the Tournament of Power to Goku, Beerus, Whis, Supreme Kai, Kibito, and Old Kai. After stating when the tournament will take place, Grand Minister announces that the tournament will be held in the Null Realm, a world with no time or space, so that all fighters can use the full extent of their powers freely. Grand Minister also announces that he has collected the Super Dragon Balls for the tournament and that Champa has offered him the three that he already had. Beerus curses Champa under his breath for secretly collecting them again. Supreme Kai asks what the victorious universe will win, only for the Grand Minister to claim that "nothing" would be won. Grand Minister also announces an ultimatum for all participants, though he regrets announcing it so soon, he feels like he should announce it as Goku is Zeno's friend: Zeno will instantly destroy any universe defeated in the tournament.

The Universe 7 group proceed to panic upon hearing this. Grand Minister also announces a personal request to Goku from Zeno: as Future Zeno does not know what a tournament is, there will be an exhibition match called the Zen Exhibition Match, where 3 fighters from Universe 7 will fight against 3 fighters from Universe 9, and the two Zenos will be personally watching. Grand Minister tells Goku to find 2 more fighters to team up within the next hour and to head to Zeno's Palace before leaving. Beerus berates Goku again, asking him just what he has done to every universe. Supreme Kai comments that should Universe 7 lose and be destroyed, he will be too ashamed to face all living beings. Goku offers to personally ask Zeno to not destroy any universe but Whis advises against this, however, saying that should Zeno or Grand Minister get annoyed at Goku's pestering, he would be destroyed on the spot. Old Kai later reminds him to find 2 partners for the match and 9 more partners for the tournament. Beerus yells at Goku to take responsibility and go find 2 more people to fight with him.

Goku goes to Earth and asks Vegeta to come with him and fight, however, Vegeta refuses because Bulma is giving birth soon. Goten and Trunks greets Goku later. Vegeta suggests that Goku should ask his son. After thinking that he was referring to Goten, Goku remembers his other son, Gohan, thanking Vegeta. Goku meets Gohan at his house and tells him about the tournament. Gohan is hesitant at first, later, Goku tells him about the extreme stipulation about the losing universes being destroyed, also wanting Gohan to keep it a secret to himself, much to his awe. Gohan berates his father about the consequences that will happen if the people learn about the tournament. Gohan and Goku agree to keep this a secret from everyone else. Videl appears and asks them about their whispering. Goku claims that Gohan refused to participate in a tournament when he asked him. Videl suggests that Gohan helps his father. Pan appears, flying into her mother's arms happy. Gohan, proudly watching, decides to join his father, vowing that he is not willing to lose everything that he loves. Mr. Satan appears with Buu and Bee. Mr. Satan greets Goku. Goku flies past him and goes to Buu, also asking him to join.

The Grand Minister gathers both groups and transports them to the World of Void, where he has prepared a World Martial Arts Tournament-style ring with spectator seats. The Grand Minister then calls for every god in the multiverse to appear and every single God of Destruction, Angel, and Supreme Kai from each universe, all gather to spectate the match. As Goku loudly greets Champa, the Grand Minister orders Goku to be silent. The Grand Minister explains the Future Zeno's request to watch a tournament match as he has never seen one before, and he and Zeno appear to spectate. Goku flies to and greets them, calling them "Zen-Chans" (Zennys in the English dub) and Champa is flustered at Goku calling them "Zen-chan". An embarrassed Beerus immediately grabs and throws Goku back to the seats, apologizing to the supreme god. The other disgruntled Gods speculate on how vulgar and impudent Universe 7 is acting. The Grand Minister, overhearing them, announces that the Tournament of Power was Goku's idea (Zeno's initially, but he forgot about it until Goku reminded him). Goku thanking the Zenos for letting them fight first, with them thanking him back.

When Lavender is knocked out, Gohan momentarily stands up, stating his victory, and falls down himself unconscious. Grand Minister exclaims that the match is a tie due to both fighters being unable to continue. Goku feeds his son a Senzu Bean, proud of the performance that also got him excited, while Gohan tells his father about himself being still weak. Grand Minister announces to all of the spectators his rankings of the universes, giving Universe 7 an average of 3.18, which is second from the bottom. Whis then asked which universe ranked below them, and it turned out to be Universe 9 with an average of 1.86. Grand Minister reveals the stipulation of the losing universes to be destroyed in front of publicity. While each universe discusses this, Shin asks Grand Minister if every universe which enters will be destroyed if they lose which the Grand Minister confirms. Grand Minister nonchalantly informs him that Universes 1 & 12, along with 5 & 8, are exempt from entering as their average is over 7. Whis simplifies his words, also nonchalantly explaining that every other universe would have been erased because of their low development, but will be spared if they win in the Tournament of Power. Mr. Satan falls into despair and faints when he realizes their fate if they lose in the tournament.

Beerus and Shin argue over whose fault it is about their universe's low mortal level. As Old Kai asks what will happen to the gods, the Grand Minister answers that they will also be erased with their universe, except for the angels, much to the gods' flustering. Preparing to announce the third match, Grand Minister repairs the ring. The final fight between Goku and Bergamo is about to begin.

The third match of the Zen Exhibition Match between Goku and Bergamo is about to begin. The gods of each universe all discuss their potential fates if they are defeated in the Tournament of Power. Goku suggests that he and Bergamo go all-out since their fight will not have any universes destroyed. Bergamo shuts Goku up while ridiculing him to the universe gods. Bergamo points out that Zeno gave his Universe 9 the lowest mortal level, but he points to Goku, accusing the Saiyan of having a much lower mortal level because he created the idea of the Tournament of Power, and if it was not, then every universe could have lived in peace. Bergamo takes it upon himself to crush Goku, calling him the enemy of the multiverse. Bergamo then bows down to Zeno, politely asking him to rescind his rule of erasing the defeated universes once he has defeated Goku, impressing the Universe 9 gods of his smooth talking, and an outraged Beerus and Whis realize that Bergamo was trying to name Goku the villain so that every universe would consider him an enemy; Whis also points out the animosity towards Goku is increasing. While the gods agree with Bergamo, Goku points out that he has no regard towards their opinions of him, saying that as long as he is on the edge, he can fight to the fullest, being his typical Saiyan trait, because the other universes do not know anything of Saiyans and their traits.

Zeno agrees with Bergamo's proposal, and the rule is set: If Universe 9 wins, the rule of erasing every defeated universe will be scrapped altogether. However, Grand Minister warns Goku that if he holds back because he doesn't want to be erased, Zeno will immediately destroy every universe. Goku agrees and planned to go full force, he said. Universe 11 discuss Goku, the Supreme Kai Cae referring to him as interesting and his cloaked bodyguard remarking that he needs to see the Saiyan in action to judge him properly. Later, while Champa boos Goku, the Supreme Kais of Universes 3 and 4 ask him who Goku is, wondering why he acts so casually in front of Zeno and Heles asks why the Great Minister and Zeno would overlook his behavior. Champa answers that he doesn't know and that Goku's limit seems to be unfathomable. Champa quickly forgets about Goku and turns his attention to how Universe 1 is acting so composed which Universes 1, 5, 8, and 12's Supreme Kais responded that that means their work must have been good to have gained their high mortal levels therefore making them exempted from the Tournament. 041b061a72

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